Monday, May 25, 2009

Just for you Dad!

Some people have been telling me that I have not posted anything new in a couple of days (actually it has been a week). To tell the truth I have been too busy at work and when I finally have some time to myself, there are too many things to take care of around the house. I have two websites for you today that should put a smile on your face.

In my job, I have to speak with engineers at least once a week. My co-worker is exasperated with engineers in general, and we are always making fun of them. Here is a site that is dedicated to the folly that is engineering as well as some other topics.

The second site that I will direct you to for your enjoyment is "What to do with hotel soap?" It seems to me that the this is another example of miscommunication (kind of ties in with the first site.....slick, I know. The question still remains, though. All of that soap....I am suggesting soaking the bars in water until they become soft, and then smashing them all together in one big block. Carve this block of soap into a likeness of the hotel manager and leave it on the reception desk when you leave in the morning.

That is all for today. Hope you enjoyed them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy week and vacation

You just do not know how busy this week has been for me. My sons are getting antsy about summer vacation and are starting to cause trouble at school. Conferences with the teachers, principles, counselors, You name the profession, I have seen them this week. Because of all of this, I was looking forward to my own vacation from work. As luck would have it, my vacation is scheduled exactly one week after we change shifts. I get a six day break every three months due to a fluke in the scheduling. So I get off for six days, go back to work for three, and then I am off for another 11 days. To me, that seems like a waste of a good vacation. Alas, that it what I have to put up with. Because of all the school activities that I have had to attend this week, my posting has been erratic and short. Today, I hope to alleviate that problem.

The first site that I am going to introduce to you today is called "25 Inspirational Posters" located at Village of Joy. can’t say they motivate me to be more or less productive but they make me smile. And if you having one of those days glance at these posters and I guarantee they will make you smile too. Some posters might have “stronger” message then others but it’s not the picture to blame…

The second is a humorous story involving a young boy that was too smart for his own good. It is call "What starts with an F and ends with a K?" I was laughing at work for almost fifteen minutes after reading it. It remings of all the "Little Johnny" jokes that i have heard all of my life.

That it is for today. Happy hunting!

Monday, May 11, 2009

So Little Time

I am sorry to disappoint anyone, but my entry today will be very short. I am currently trying to do twenty-three things at once, just to have enough time to do the 58 I have to accomplish later.
Today I will give you a taste of one of my favorite american comedians Steven Wright.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Ideas to Make Life Easier and Bottle Blading Mozart

As I was wondering around the internet this morning, I found a very interesting site called Interesting products to make life easier for everyone is the focus of this site. From wall tile planters, to bicycle seats that double as a bike lock, products featured on this easy to navigate page are new and interesting solutions to age old problems.

The second site really is just a page with an extraordinary video on it. the page is entitled "Bottle Blading Mozart".A guy rollerblades through rows of partially filled bottles, hitting each bottle and reproducing Mozart's 40th symphony. Now I wonder how many Google searches I'll get for "Bottle Blade Mozart"?

That is it for today. Make sure to visit each and everyday for a new update (well...most everyday)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Take a Look At This!

Some times we see things that require a second look. They may seem to be impossible but, in reality they are not. Have you ever had that "I know I just didn't just see that" feeling. God know that I have that feeling all of the time. The world is a wonderful place if you just open your eyes and pay attention to your surroundings.

I am not going to send links today. I am just going to show you pictures. The first couple of shots are of strange trees. Take a look at these.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Return To Morbidity, Then Laughter

Today I will return to the morbid. It seems to me that we all share a sense of dread when facing the unknown, especially the great unknown. By this reference I, of course, mean death. What will happen when this life is over? I do not know. But that is not the focus of today's discussion. I will not tell you about what happens after death, just the manner of it.

I stumbled across this page everal weeks ago and forgot about it until this morning. A List of unusual deaths list some of the strange ways that people have shuffled off this mortal coil. From marathon video game sessions, to being every player in a soccer team being hit by the same bolt of lightning, this site describes some of the weirdest exits from this planet.

Now to the lughter part that you were promised. is a parody site of a US information website. It's another attempt at scare mongering in the style of the old "duck and cover" advice after WWII.

The fun thing is that these pictures are so ambiguous they could mean anything! Tere are a few interpretations below. Enjoy!

Note: This parody site was built for fun. For the serious stuff, see our friends protecting our great country at or the Department of Homeland Security at

Friday, May 1, 2009

Wild and Weird

Today I am going to focus on two of my favorite sites. They are both from bloggers like myself. The first one is Dark Roasted Blend. This is a very popular blog with over 25,000 subscribers. My goal in this blog is to bring you, the reader, all of the weird and wonderful things on the net and this site has a huge collection. Today I am going to focus on the Weird section of the site. From wild weather to weird wearables, this site dsplays a myriad of unusual things.
The other blog that I am going to point you to is a little bit more "morbid". It is called Morbid Anatomy and its tag states "Surveying the Interstices of Art and Medicine, Death and Culture." Wonderful photos and in-depth information about the authors and subjects or the narratives will either have you rapt with attention or praying to the porcelain god. Either way, this site will catch your interest and the images will stay with you for a long while.