Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy week and vacation

You just do not know how busy this week has been for me. My sons are getting antsy about summer vacation and are starting to cause trouble at school. Conferences with the teachers, principles, counselors, You name the profession, I have seen them this week. Because of all of this, I was looking forward to my own vacation from work. As luck would have it, my vacation is scheduled exactly one week after we change shifts. I get a six day break every three months due to a fluke in the scheduling. So I get off for six days, go back to work for three, and then I am off for another 11 days. To me, that seems like a waste of a good vacation. Alas, that it what I have to put up with. Because of all the school activities that I have had to attend this week, my posting has been erratic and short. Today, I hope to alleviate that problem.

The first site that I am going to introduce to you today is called "25 Inspirational Posters" located at Village of Joy. can’t say they motivate me to be more or less productive but they make me smile. And if you having one of those days glance at these posters and I guarantee they will make you smile too. Some posters might have “stronger” message then others but it’s not the picture to blame…

The second is a humorous story involving a young boy that was too smart for his own good. It is call "What starts with an F and ends with a K?" I was laughing at work for almost fifteen minutes after reading it. It remings of all the "Little Johnny" jokes that i have heard all of my life.

That it is for today. Happy hunting!