Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Driving Pet Peeves

Author: catherine preth

Like me, everyone has their worst driving pet peeves. Here are some ones that don’t get seen that often, unless you live in Minnesota.

  1. Winter parking. Why is it that when the first snow falls, all rules go out the window? Not only does this apply to simply driving down the road, it also seems to apply to parking spaces for some reason. No one here can park in the winter. Maybe the problem lies with the stripes being the same color as the snow? Whatever the reason, whenever the white powder comes falling down, all hell breaks loose in Minnesota parking lots. Make sure that you don’t have a nice body kit installed because it will probably get ripped off completely thanks to a moron in a slippery parking lot that recently lost his or her mind because some solid water fell from the sky.
  2. Not using defrosters. I really don’t understand these people. Obviously, when it is cold outside and it is warm in your car, the windows are going to fog up. This will hamper your visibility to the point that you might not be able to see where you are going. For the love of Jeebus this is why every car in the history of the world comes equipped with a defroster button. This will direct the air at all the windows and allow them to defog. It is very handy for being able to see where you are going and will keep you from causing a billion car pile up that destroys one sixth of the world.
  3. Slowing down for corners on the Interstate. Listen to me right now. There is a speed limit that makes sense on that road for a reason. The highway engineer would not construct a corner that would necessitate the need to slow down at all if it would hamper the flow of traffic. Therefore, you can be sure that the corner that is coming up can be taken at the speed you are going. When you put on the brakes or lift off the gas, you are just going to cause confusion and bad feelings behind you.
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