Saturday, November 14, 2009

Youtube Comedians

Author: Josh Keglovits

I recently joined a video sharing site called Youtube. I am sure you all know about youtube so i wont bore you with details. I became instantly addicted to a couple of youtube members. One such member was Philip Defranco (SxEPhil). He presents news in an interesteing and very comical way. The news he talks about is not only relevant but stuff that people want to hear about it. His perfect use of sarcasm and wit makes for a brilliant comedy. His humor is geared to younger adults as he talks about video games and movies.

A great way to mix up your viewing pleasure is to view comedians like wastetimechaskingcars, or deliciousbathwater. They makes song and movie spoofs as well as some origianl skits. Their videos are always laugh out loud funny and perfect for anytime viewing. These type of users provide viewers with videos that are great in quality and rich in content.

In all youtube is a great source of entertainment with an almost unlimited amount of users to ensure there is always something interesting to watch. I would suggest youtube to any internet user as each producer has his/her own style that is sure to match someones tastes. Next time you are bored on your computer be sure to check out youtube and lose track of time laughing it up watching some of the most genius comics the internet has to offer. In an ending note i will list a few more channels that i watch daily. Hope this helped, and i hope you have a great day!




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