Friday, November 6, 2009

Wishes for a Little Boy With Cancer.

As I was reading blogs this morning I came across this post and decided to repost it here. The original post I found this on was "Memories of You"

Wishes For A Little Boy With Cancer

The following paragraph has been circulating among my Facebook friends this morning and I felt I should share it with all my blogging buddies out there. It just breaks my heart too hear news like this. I guess it hits close to home for me because I have a child the same age. I just can't begin to imagine going through something this terrible and losing a child to cancer. It's hearing stories like these that really put things into perspective for me. It makes me realize how lucky I really am in life. Please read the following and feel free to participate. By participating you'll be touching a sweet little boys life in a special way.

Help Noah out !! --- a 5 yr old little boy named Noah is in the last stages of Nueroblastoma cancer (2 1/2 yr battle). The family is celebrating Christmas next week, and Noah's request is to get a lot of Christmas cards. Lets send the little guy some: Noah Biorkman, 1141 Fountain View Circle, South Lyon, MI 48178. Lets see how many cards we can get him! Pass it on!!

Check out the video and see how sweet this little guy is.

I've just finished our card to Noah and it's going out in the mail tomorrow morning.

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As you can see, that was a very heartfelt story, and I will be ending out my card at the end of the day. Won't you do the same?