Friday, November 20, 2009

It Made My Day

Today, it was brought to my attention that there is another site similar to the one that I posted yesterday called "F My Life". So I wish to thank Daisy for the information. The site I am going to introduce today is called "It Made My Day". Here is an excerpt:

The guy I dated in high school had a certifiably CRAZY mother who used to treat me like garbage, call me names, tell me I was “ruining her son’s life,” and make me cry. I ran into her in court. She was the defendant; I was the prosecutor. IMMD!

The receptionist where I work was doing everything in her power to get me fired because she wanted my job, so I left a copy of my work goals on the copier so she would see it – #7 was assist in evaluating receptionist’s performance. She quit a week later. IMMD

We were reading a story in class called “The Princess and the Plumber”. After discussing it for about a half hour, the only boy in the class burst out with “Am I the only one thinking Mariokart right now??” IMMD

The tagline of this site is "little Moments of Win", and I completely agree with it. Yesterday was a display of the worst in life, today was some of the best.