Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Post

Really quick post today. I have found two weird sites for you enjoyment.
I know that at one time or the other we have all thought "I wonder what would happen if I put this in the microwave." From ketchup packets to gelatin cups, even a footbal have gone into the microwave over at Micromaniac. They even show you time lapse video for those people who do not want to wait.

The second location we will look at can be compared to sex. It can be fun alone, but even more enjoying with a group of friends. Let me welcome you to "Pick The Perp" The game is really simple. You are shown mug shots of five people. You are then given a crime that one of these people were convicted of such as Sexual Battery. Your job is to pick the person who you think committed the crime. The site keeps track of correct and incorrect guesses so you can try to achieve a high score. My best is 31/100 = 31%. I challenge you to do better.