Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bad-ass Food Carving

Today I will explore the completeely refreshing topic of food sculpture. For those of you who do not know what food sculpture is, it is the sculpting of meat, fruits, vegetable, or bread, with the addition of certain props, into workd of art by using cuts, placement and manipulation. Otherwise known as bad-ass food carving. Here are some exaples from Wambie. There are many more on their site.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Office Invasions

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I remembered a pictuer that my sister had shown me about a week ago. The picture was a "normal" office cubicle, but everything in it had been wrapped in aluminum foil. That got me thinking about what other office pranks could be pulled. I stumbled around the internet until I found the perfect site to explain what I am tryingto say. Here are some examples (my favorite is the invasion of Peeps. All pictures courtesy of Jimmy Ruska

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Convicted forger A. Schiller was serving his time in SingSing prison in the late 1800s when guards found him dead in his cell. On his body they found seven regular straight pins whose heads measured the typical 47/1000ths of an inch or 1.17 millimeters in diameter. Under 500 magnification it was found that the tiny etchings seen on the heads of the pins were the words to The Lord's Prayer, which is 65 words and254 letters long. Of the seven pins, six were silver and one was gold - the gold pin's prayer was flawless and a true masterpiece. Schiller had spent the last 25 years of his life creating the pins, using a tool too small to be seen by the naked eye. It is estimated that it took 1,863 separate carving strokes to make it. Schiller went blind because of his artwork.

photo and article courtesy of Anomalies-Unlimited

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hand Painting

I have discovered a new website (new to me, at least)called "That Was Funny." The tagline is "where all the jokes are safe for work." One article, in particular, caught my eye. The article shows various pictures of hands painted to look like animals. You would be amazed at some of the detail in the artwork. I have included a few of the pictures below. You can find the rest of them here.


Bald Eagle

Another Bald Eagle


Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Best of a Hairy Situation

The Best of a Hairy Situation

David Traver
Anchorage, Alaska
Beard Team USA
South Central Alaska Beard and Moustache Club
Full Beard Freestyle

Karl-Heinz Hille
Berlin, Germany
Berlin Beard Club
Imperial Partial Beard

Jack Passion
San Francisco, California
Beard Team USA
Full Beard Natural

The United States is the world's new facial hair super power, having captured twelve world championship titles out of eighteen categories plus overall at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska on May 23, 2009. Possessing home field advantage, the USA was able to dethrone Germany which had dominated this competition since its inception.

Hometown favorite and Beard Team USA member David Traver was crowned overall champ, having styled his beard to resemble an Alaska snowshoe which earned him top honors in the freestle full beard category. Meanwhile Germany's Karl-Heinz Hille's elaborate moustache earned him second. San Franciscan Jack Passion placed third with his long, red natural beard.

Nearly 300 competitors from 15 separate countries competed. All of the winners received engraved Alaska gold pans as trophies.

Germany came in second taking first-place honors in five categories. Other countries represented on the podium were England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and newcomer Canada.

The big winner was also the vice-president of the host organization, the South Central Alaska Beard and Moustache Club, which pulled out all of the stops to make to make the WBMC 2009 the biggest and best ever.

Unofficial Gold Pan Count Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States 12 7 10 29
Germany 5 7 5 17
England 1 2 3
Belgium 1 2 3
Switzerland 1 1
Netherlands 1 1
Italy 1 1
Canada 1 1

The WBMC is a biennial event that features competition in a variety of categories that include everything from the delicate Dali moustache to the outrageous full beard freestyle. The competitors appear before a panel of distinguished judges charged with the responsibility of awarding the coveted world titles to the best of the best.

The next big event will be the Beard Team USA Nationals in May, 2010. Location: TBA.

In 2007, the World Beard and Moustache Association, an organization made up of beard clubs representing some 10% of the participants at the World Beard and Moustache Championships, accepted the proposal of the Norwegian Moustache Club to hold the 2011 world championships in Trondheim, Norway in a room with a seating capacity of 250.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know:

A South African monkey was once awarded a medal and promoted to the rank of
corporal during World War I.

An American aircraft in Vietnam shot itself down with one of its own missiles.

In Ancient Peru, when a woman found an 'ugly' potato, it was the custom for her
to push it into the face of the nearest man.
When George I became King of England in 1714, his wife did not become Queen. He
placed her under house arrest for 32 years.

Some strange facts and traditions have been collected collected at

"Human World" . I was engrossed with this we page simply because of the unusual content. All of these entries are true (according to the web site author), and some of the make you say "What was going through their minds when t was decided that this was a good idea?".

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wonderful World of Prison Inventions

I got this from my friends over at Some of these are quite ingenious. Here is a sample of what has been found in prisons from around the world. You can find the complete post at The Wonderful World of Prison Inventions.

While your in prison, why not get a tattoo to commemorate " the time of your life", and there's also no better way of showing your commitment to what ever gang you choose to join while in the clink. The basic design uses any form of battery to power a small motor, which in turn pushes a needle in and out of a pen to give inmates authentic jailhouse tats. Sadly choice of colors is usually limited to whatever Bic's they have on hand and are typically blue or black. Beggars (Neo-Nazi's included) can't be choosers though.

With cigarettes being the go-to currency of choice for prisoners (at least the movies would have you believe this), there wouldn't be much use for a smokable commodity if there was no way to light it. Prisoners are forbidden from having lighters and matches for obvious reasons, so some clever inmates have devised a way around the rules. This example of a lighter is a simple yet intelligent design, a AA battery is wrapped in duct tape with a wire strapped to the negative end. Simplly touch the other side of the wire to the positive end and the metal coil in the center of the wire heats up.

Just because you got thrown in the slammer doesn't mean you might not get the occasional chance to enjoy some weed. Stoners, who are notorious for being able to shape a pipe out of anything litterally, occasionaly get locked up and are forced to use their skills on the inside. The above example is fashioned out of a tube of German horseradish and has a great design, not only because it functions well, but for the fact that it is very incognito in case of the occasional room toss. At a quick glance its really just looks like an ordinary tube of something. Genius, pure genius.
Look for more posts in the future, and as always, "Happy Hunting!"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Running for office!

Next year, I will be running for state representative for Delaware. I am looking for some suggestions as to the best way to handle my campaign, etc. Any Help would be appreciated. Since I am going to be a servant of the people, I need to know what the people need, want, and are concerned about. Join the Delaware Lan Party on Facebook, and let me know.