Saturday, December 12, 2009

Things That Should be Button Activated

Author: Kasan Groupe

Some things in life should just be button activated. Let’s face it; there are some things that would just be cooler if they were able to be made to work by simply pressing a button. No matter what you are doing, driving or turning on, a great button just looks so much cooler.

  1. Spoilers. Your car would be so much cooler if the spoiler on the back popped up on demand via a button. Pressing a button on your dash or in the center console that makes a spoiler on the back of your car pop up would be very cool. Not only could you keep it hidden when you wanted your car to be incognito, you could then pop it up when you got to a race track and needed to dominate the competition in the corners.
  2. Recliners. If you are anything like me, then it is a pain in the butt to have to lean over the side of your favorite chair just to pull a lever that makes the thing recline. I want a button. Right on the armrest. This way, I let the power of electric motors do all the work for me. I wouldn’t have to bend over, I wouldn’t have to strain myself and I wouldn’t have to even exert any force at all. By simply pressing a little red button that says “Activate” or “Engage” or something cool, the motors would start to whir away and the foot of the chair would lift up off the ground allowing the best relaxation possible. And all thanks to a button.
  3. Evil. Using a button for pure evil would be simple and effective. No matter the type of evil, simply being able to just press a button would be very fun – and scary. For instance, say you wanted to stop some random dude named Merrell’s heart. By pressing your evil button, you can watch from the comfort of your button activated recliner as he crumbles to the ground. And the great thing is, there is no way to trace it, so you could become the most evil anonymous super villain of all time.
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