Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ladybugs....Or Are They?

Everyone knows what ladybugs look like, they are the adorable little red bug with black spots. Adorable that is, until you find yourself with a ladybug infestation. One ladybug, cute. Hundreds of ladybugs…not so cute. We’re currently seeing a huge infestation all over the world as these beetles get ready for winter.

Why you might not know is the bugs that you are calling ladybugs aren’t actually ladybugs at all, they are multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles that look like ladybugs. But these Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles do one thing that our cute ladybugs don’t…they swarm. What causes this and what can be done about swarming ladybugs?

I’ve explained that these bugs that look an awful lot like our beloved ladybug is actually the Multi-colored Asian Lady beetle but there are some differences. Our ladybugs are bright red with black spots. The Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles range from pale orange to dark orange and come with or without spots. The other notable difference between the ladybug and the Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle is the fact that the latter hibernates for the winter. There in lies the problem. These beetles can infest homes, sheds, etc. making it very difficult to get rid of them.

Here are some examples of Asian Lady Beetle swarms.