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How to Deal with Annoying Neighbors

How to Deal With Annoying Neighbors

Author: Kasan Groupe

Oh apartment living. There’s nothing like walking up four floors to your hellish apartment only to find your neighbors are hosting a salsa party in their living room. Some people are pretty dense. They have no sense of common decency and their apartment etiquette blunders are sure to ruin any chance you have at a good night’s sleep. Well what are you going to do about it? Just sit back passively, or get your revenge? If you choose the latter well good for you! Here are a few tips and suggestions to make the process a little easier.

1. Throw your own damn salsa party! Be loud, obnoxious and oblivious just as they are. This may result in a feud, or it might just give them a taste of their own medicine. Either way it’s sure to annoy the hell out of them and hopefully push them to be more considerate.

2. Leave them an angry note. Express your displeasure with their behavior in a well-written, intelligible note. Don’t throw down a bunch of expletives or threats; just make it clear that you will not tolerate their behavior. Hopefully they will get the hint.

3. Complain to your landlord. Assuming you don’t live in a complete slum, he or she is obligated to handle the situation for you. Just call them up and explain the situation to the best of your ability and politely demand that something be done to rectify the problem.

4. Vandalize their car. Alright this isn’t the most mature way to deal with the situation, but it will certainly give you some minor satisfaction when you tear off their Volkswagen parts or scuff their bumper as you leave the parking lot. This of course should be utilized as a last resort only. Try your best to solve the situation in a lawful manner if you can.

Apartment living isn’t always ideal, especially when you have to deal with your loathsome neighbors on a regular basis. But if they’re bothering you, stand up for yourself! You pay the same in rent every month as they do and you deserve a pleasant place to go home to everyday.

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