Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top Trivia Learned From Sweet & Sour Sauce

Author: Kasan Groupe

3. Albert Einstein never learned how to drive a car. You would think that a super genius like this wouldn’t even need to drive a car; that he could simply use his uncanny brain powers to make himself levitate down the road. I would think that he didn’t have time to learn how to drive because he was mastering atomic theory and thinking up ways to be smarter than the average bear. Of course, had he taken the time to learn how to drive, he probably would have just picked it up in about 10 seconds and been able to beat every race driver ever because he would have used his awesome theory of relativity, or something, to make his car faster than all the others. Who knows. All I know is that I learned this from a packet of sweet and sour sauce.

2. The parking meter was invented in North Dakota. Who would have thought that the parking meter would be invented in a state that has approximately three residents? Maybe there was only one parking spot and the other party got so riled up by one of the other two people using it all the time that they came up with a way to keep them out by making them pay to be in that spot for only a certain amount of time. And considering that it was North Dakota, I’m fairly certain that the only reason that one of these dudes parked illegally outside of some store for too long was to run in and get themselves some new truck accessories.

1. New Jersey and Oregon are the only two states where it is illegal to pump your own gas. Now this one is just plain stupid. Either that or all of the residents in these respective states are that dumb. Maybe the mob controls all the gas stations in New Jersey and wants to keep their friends from being unemployed. And in Oregon, I have to assume that all of the tree huggers there don’t know how to pump gas, or don’t want to, cause it might endanger Mother Earth in some way. Well boo-hoo Oregonians, get over yourself. Just tell yourself that the earth likes it when you fuel your hybrid cars with her and go plant some more trees to try in vain to save her.

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