Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Worth My Time... or is it?

Today my wife and I had a long chat about my blogging. Well, she has said (correctly) that I am spending too much of my time on the computer, and not enough of my time with her. Granted blogging itself is not that time consuming. It is the incessant EC dropping, Adgitize clicking, commenting, and visiting other blogs that take up the majority of my time. On an average day, I spend a little over an hour doing this. I know that the money coming in is not the reason that I have this blog, but it would help if I could cover expense. As of right now, I am breaking even. I am on track to get about ten dollars this month for ads that I put on my blog. I Spent ten dollars on advertising this month. So I worked 30 hours for free. At least my message is getting out. Hopefully, next month will be better when the adgitizing income is supposed to increase. Well, off for more clicking and dropping.

BTW, Do not take anything that I say seriously.. You may not get rich blogging, but it should be done for fun, not profit.

I have only been seriously blogging for two weeks, what do I know....


  1. I agree, running a sucessful blog does take time, lots of time... but it is worth it if you blog about something you love. I think the best part about it is that you are connecting with so many people. Good luck on your blog, you're doing a great job so far!!

  2. Yes. It takes a lot of time! I spend on average 2 hours per day working on my blog plus ECDrops/Adgitize ... and I don't drop over the weekends (dial up does not work well with blog pageloads!)

  3. only two weeks and you're already bringing in 10 large !?!?! not bad I'd say.

  4. It takes me about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to drop Entrecard and do Adgitize. I like that the Aditize pays for itself. Well ok maybe not this month since they upped the rates. I think it takes me so long because I always stop and peak on what people are writing. I am so very behind in my blog reading. I love the bloggy friends I have made along the way. Hope you have a great day.